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Diary of a lip lift

We are very grateful to our lip lift client who was so delighted with her results that she has written a personal account of her experience to share with others who are considering the procedure themselves.

  1. Before Picture – I was unhappy with the distance between nose and top lip following a nose job around 4 years ago. I also had an unpleasant wrinkle in the same area. And off course I also wanted fuller lips, I would be lying if I said I didn’t.
  2. I was a little nervous on the day of my op, I did not know what to expect even after reading some articles on the interned and talking to Mr Pacifico before hand. The local anaesthetic was a bit painful maybe a little more painful than the anaesthetic at the dentist. During the op I was able to chat with Mr Pacifico and his assistant and that made me relax and cope with it well. After the op I was able to drink water and go home around 30 minutes afterwards. I did take a couple of tables with my water as I knew as soon as the anaesthetic start to run out the pain would also start. I also started ice compress as soon as I got home.
  3. Day 1 after the op I was in quite a bit of pain and struggled to eat solid food. But that only lasted the first 48 hours
  4. Day 2 after the op I was able to eat a little bit better but had to continue to take pain killers. I learned I was not to take Iburprofen so had to keep taking paracetamol based pain killers.
  5. Day 3 I woke up with my whole face swollen. I wasn’t too worried about it because I knew our bodies swell in order to start the process of healing. So I kept putting ice on my face and hoping it would go down soon.
  6. Day 4 most of the swelling had gone and with it most of the pain too. I was able to go out for a walk as I was getting used to the plaster on my face.
  7. Day 5 I kept the plasters off – hardly no pain and I could see the stitches were healing well.
  8. Day 6 by now I long to wave the stitches off.
  9. Day 7 – Time to have the stitches off – Very excited about that.
  10. Day 8 – I was able to wear make up and go out with my friends and no one even noticed I had anything done until I told them. A couple of stitches popped out and I managed to remove them myself even after 4 weeks 2 more stitches appear from under the skin but I just dealt with them. Perhaps it would have been better to have gone back to the clinic and have the nurse sort it out.
  11. Each day the scar looks better and better. The area around my nose is very numb still and I gather it will be numb for quite sometime.

I’m very happy with the results. I love having fuller lips and the natural look!


10, March, 2016Purity Bridge Team

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