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Month: November 2015

Purity Bridge Success at MyFaceMyBody National Industry Awards Ceremony

We were delighted that Sarona Bekker, Clinic Manager at Purity Bridge, was Highly Commended at the recent glamorous MyFaceMyBody awards ceremony in central London. It was the first time Purity Bridge had been nominated for the awards, and we were excited that Sarona made the final shortlist…only to find she went one better on the […]

10, November, 2015Purity Bridge Team

What is labiaplasty surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery is surgery to reshape the labia.  It is one of the surgeries for the “designer vagina”. In the vast majority of patients, the labia minora or inner labial lips are reduced in size and reshaped. Less commonly the labia majora or outer labial lips are reshaped too and sometimes excess skin folds are […]

01, November, 2015Purity Bridge Team

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