3D Cosmetic Surgery Simulation at Purity Bridge

The team at Purity Bridge is excited to be using the latest 3D simulation technology for breast augmentation surgery.

It has been several months now since Consultant Plastic Surgeons Marc Pacifico and Nora Nugent introduced the very latest 3D simulation imaging technology to their breast augmentation practices.  Crisalix allows a three-dimensional photograph of a patient’s breasts to be captured using a device mounted to an I-pad.  Not only does this allow the patient to understand her breasts in a way that has never been possible before; it also enables the simulation of breast enlargement using implants.  The ingenious technology enables different sizes and shapes of implants to be “virtually” inserted into the patient’s breasts to give an idea of how she might look with different implant options.

“This technology has truly revolutionised the whole consultation process and explanation I am able to give to my patients.  It has been the single biggest revolution in communication that has been available to us in breast augmentation surgery for many years.  Patients are now truly able to visualise and understand the possible outcome of their surgery in a way that was previously impossible” says Consultant Plastic Surgeon Marc Pacifico.

Whilst the technology is continually being developed its main use is in primary (for the first time) breast augmentation; although it is hoped that as the technology continues to evolve it will have more uses in other forms of breast surgery.  Once the simulation or simulations are completed it is even possible to email the simulations to the patient’s home e-mail addresses for them to look at in their own time.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Ms Nora Nugent said “3D imaging and simulation has transformed my breast augmentation practice. Now my patients can really visualise what they can look like after surgery.  The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words ‘ is so true in this instance. Being able to give my patients access at home to their images also helps enormously when it comes to deciding which implant is best to choose for them. It is a huge step forward for aesthetic surgery and patient information and I am looking forward to the next developments in this exciting area.”

The technology is not designed to replace the careful examination process that our Plastic Surgeons perform in order to assess the patient’s breasts and determine what range of implants would suit her, but instead serves as an excellent communication tool enabling a more in-depth explanation of the results possible and, importantly, careful management of our patient’s expectations of their results.

Our patients have been unanimously delighted and impressed with the technology and we are now seeing more patients than ever coming to Purity Bridge now that they have heard of the availability of this state of the art software.

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Purity Bridge Team