What’s different about earFold?

We are very excited to be able to offer earFoldTM at Purity Bridge! EarFoldTM is the new minimally invasive implant that can correct prominent ears. Why is it so good and what is different about it?

1. EarFoldTM is a minimally invasive technique. A very small incision is made on your ear to fit the implant and it corrects your prominent ear instantly. The scar is much smaller, the surgery is much quicker and the recovery is easier than traditional otoplasty (correction of prominent ear surgery).
2. You can see and adjust your results beforehand. When you see our earFoldTM surgeon Consultant Plastic Surgeon Ms Nora Nugent, she will fit the preFold positioners on your ears. This allows you to see where the implant would be placed and the effect it will have on YOUR ears in advance of surgery. The preFold positioners can be adjusted during the consultation until you are happy with the results.
3. Because the surgery is quicker and through a smaller incision, your recovery is easier with less swelling and bruising. No bandages are needed.
4. EarFoldTM is a permanent way to correct your prominent ears and has excellent results.
5. EarFoldTM is suitable for people age 7 upwards.

How do you know if you are suitable for earFoldTM? If you are interested in finding out, come and see Ms Nugent at Purity Bridge. She will go through the full assessment with you including fitting the preFold positioners and you can see if earFoldTM is for you!

To book your consultation, call 01892 536 960 or email

Purity Bridge Team