One of the challenges with contemporary body modification and body art is the impact it has on first impressions, particularly when you’re in the market looking for a new job market. At Purity Bridge, we are seeing an increasing number of (predominately young) people enquiring about restoring their ears after being stretched with large tribal ear piercings.

Whilst the stretching can be very dramatic, fortunately with the technical expertise of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons, repairing the problem is something that can be easily achieved under local anaesthetic in the clinic. The operation itself takes around an hour for both ears depending on the complexity of the individual situation, and the scars can heal very well making it impossible to tell how someone’s ears used to look.

So how is the procedure done? The ear is very carefully drawn on to design a way of removing the excess redundant skin, whilst at the same time working out how to put the remaining skin back together leaving a natural looking result. The ear is then numbed with gentle injections of local anaesthetic and the ear is then cleaned and sterilized. The procedure then begins by incising around the planned marks, and carefully stopping any bleeding. The stitching is meticulous when placed to put the complex jigsaw back together. Watch the short video below if you are interested in seeing how the procedure is carried out.

[huge_it_videogallery id=”6″]

The stitches are removed at around 10 days after surgery and the scar, whilst initially red, gradually fades to be a pale line. Make up can be used to hide the scar if it is red in the early stages but normally most people are happy with the change and don’t feel the need to cover it up any further.

So if you have concerns about body modification and are thinking about having it reversed, come and see one of our expert Consultant Plastic Surgeons for personally tailored advice.