Bright Eyes!

The changes with aging tend not to be on our radar in our 20s, and into our early 30s, but for most of us, once we hit our 40s we inevitably start to notice the changes affecting our faces with the passage of time.

These changes are first apparent around the eyes, initially subtle, and gradually becoming more noticeable. Initially, some may notice that they are having to lift their eyebrow in order to put on mascara or eyeliner and in time, notice dark circles and hollowing becoming more obvious around the eyes as well sagging and drooping of the brows … not to mention the wrinkles that start to appear, and not just on smiling!

These changes can have a significant impact on many people’s self confidence, but fortunately, there are many options to address these areas if they become concerns. By the time we notice these changes, it is unfortunately too late for the first, and most effective intervention – prevention. Smoking, sun damage, a stressful lifestyle and lack of sleep will all contribute to premature aging and an appearance of being tired, particularly around the eyes. So the best advice is to be mindful of these factors.

The first rung on any treatment ladder around the eyes will usually be non-surgical treatments, from wrinkle relaxing injections to skin treatments (such as facial peels or laser re-surfacing) to brighten up and freshen the eye area. Surgical treatment, known as blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), is an operation that has a role once the non-surgical options have done all they can.

An upper eyelid lift, for example, is an operation that takes around 45 minutes, usually performed under local anaesthetic, which removes excess and hooded upper eyelid skin and can also reduce any bulges from fat pockets around the eyes. The recovery is relatively quick with stitches out after a week and bruising gone by two weeks, and when done skilfully shows no hallmarks of having been done at all. In fact the most common reaction from people who have had their upper eyelids lifted tend to be comments received on how well they look and enquiries as to whether they have been on holiday rather than the dreaded “what have you had done” question.

At Purity Bridge we routinely perform eyelid lifts as part of ongoing facial rejuvenation treatments or as isolated procedures. As with all aesthetic procedures, it is crucial to have a thorough assessment by an experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon, as well as an understanding of the risks of the procedure before you decide to go ahead.

Purity Bridge Team