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Can you guarantee safety in Plastic Surgery?

Modern Plastic Surgery is safer than ever before, with constant efforts to maximise safety and minimise risk taken at every step of your journey. A responsible and ethical Plastic Surgeon starts by giving you an honest appraisal of your suitability for the particular procedure you are interested in. Whilst part of this focus is of […]

07, September, 2015Purity Bridge Team

Forthcoming events at Purity Bridge

Here are the events we have planned for the last quarter of 2015. They are all held at Purity Bridge, and start at around 7pm. For more details, please contact Sarona on 01892 536 960 or   Wednesday 9th September – RELAX dental implant evening (for dentists)  Once again we are hosting an evening […]

23, August, 2015Purity Bridge Team

Facelifts at Purity Bridge

Although there is a plethora of anti-ageing treatments and procedures available to combat facial ageing, the facelift remains the most effective way to counteract the signs of ageing such as loose skin or sagging tissue in the face. There are many concepts (and misconceptions) about facelifts. At Purity Bridge, our philosophy is simple; we want […]

12, April, 2015Purity Bridge Team

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