Whilst we do not assess or treat children (anyone under the age of 18 years) at PURITY BRIDGE, we recognise that on occasion children may be brought to clinic in the care of a parent or guardian.

PURITY BRIDGE does not have the facilities or qualified staff to act as chaperone for children.
All patients are discouraged from bringing children to their appointments – this is included in the information sent in the pre-appointment email, and also displayed on the website.
If, due to unforeseen circumstances, children are brought for appointments, then they must always stay with their parent or guardian, during the consultation and subsequent examination (which maybe of an intimate nature and we would therefore discourage children being present for this reason alone)
Patients can be offered an alternative appointment if there are issues with childcare
Children will not be allowed to stay in the clinic whilst their parent or guardian is undergoing any clinical procedures due to health & safety and infection control requirements.
Children are discouraged to attend PURITY BRIDGE due to the health and safety & infection risks within the clinical environment that being unaccompanied may present.