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EarFold now at Purity Bridge!

We are delighted to announce that earFold™ is now available at Purity Bridge! This is the new minimally invasive implant used to correct prominent ears.

We get many enquiries from people of all ages who are very conscious of having prominent or protruding ears. Some have been bullied and many will not wear their hair back or go swimming or play sports because of their ears. Having prominent ears corrected can make such a difference to their confidence and allow them to live their lives without their ears being an issue.

Traditional otoplasty surgery pins back ears via an incision behind the ear running most of the length of the ear and takes on average between 60 and 90 minutes to correct both ears.

With the new earFold™ technique, the surgery can be done in 20 minutes under local anaesthetic here in the clinic. “Most people with prominent ears have an under developed fold in their ears which causes their ears to stick out instead of folding back.” explains Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nora Nugent. The earFold™ implant is a very thin, curved gold-plated implant. Ms Nugent carefully places this implant under the skin via a tiny incision on the front of ear and earFold™ then recreates the curve of the ear, setting it back at the same time.

“This is a very exciting development in ear surgery.” says Ms Nugent. “Not only does it allow us to correct prominent ears in a much quicker, less invasive way but we can also very accurately predict the results in advance of surgery.” PreFold positioners (replicas of the earFold™ implant) can be placed on your ears during your consultation. The position and number of implants can be adjusted on your ear until you achieve the result that you want. The permanent earFold™ is then placed in exactly this position at the time of surgery.
EarFold at Purity Bridge for bat ears
EarFold™ can be performed on adults and children over the age of seven. To see if you are suitable for earFold™, call 01892 536960 to book your consultation.
EarFold before and after at Purity Bridge

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