Facelifts at Purity Bridge

Although there is a plethora of anti-ageing treatments and procedures available to combat facial ageing, the facelift remains the most effective way to counteract the signs of ageing such as loose skin or sagging tissue in the face.

There are many concepts (and misconceptions) about facelifts. At Purity Bridge, our philosophy is simple; we want your facelift to give you a fresh and natural appearance with the signs of surgery hidden away.  We want to achieve a rejuvenated appearance that enhances your natural features and helps to restore your confidence and vitality.

All our Consultant Plastic Surgeons are fully accredited and trained extensively in facial rejuvenation.  They are specialists in facelift and facial rejuvenation surgery.

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons have put together a short guide to the different types of facelift that they offer at Purity Bridge.

facelift-before  facelift-after

Example of before and after a SMAS facelift by Purity Bridge Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Marc Pacifico

While guide time frames are given for how long each lift will last, it is more that the facial tissues continue to age and loosen as they normally would and thus gradually relax out again.  In general, you will still have a more rejuvenated appearance at the end of these timeframes than if you had never undergone surgery.


Fine threads are placed through tiny needleprick incisions strategically placed on each side of your face under local anaesthetic.  The threads are specially designed to catch and lift the skin as they are tightened.  A subtle lifting effect is seen that lasts up to two years.  This lift is suitable for those who want a mild lifting effect and do not have much loose skin.

One-Stitch Facelift:

The one-stitch facelift also offers a mild lifting effect for the lower face and can also remove a small amount of loose skin.  The scar is placed around the lower part of the ear and both the skin and the underlying supportive layer of tissue (SMAS) are lifted and tightened. It is usually done under local anaesthetic and lasts up to two years.  It is suitable if you want a subtle tightening of your jawline and a quick recovery time.

MACS Lift:

The MACS lift offers a medium effect facelift and can lift and tighten both the lower face (jawline) and midface (cheek and nasolabial crease – crease between cheek and upper lip).  As a result of the lower facelift, some laxity in the tissues of the sides of the neck is also taken up. The scar is placed in the hairline above the ear and running down in front of the ear in the natural crease there. Both the underlying support layer of SMAS and the skin are tightened and more loose skin can be removed. This lift lasts five to seven years and is suitable for those who have more moderate laxity in their facial tissues.

SMAS or Standard Facelift:

In this type of facelift, the skin and supporting layer of SMAS tissue are individually lifted, prepositioned and tightened.  Excess skin is also removed.  This is a more powerful facelift than the others and can also be used to lift the neck tissue as well.  The scar is placed in a similar position to that of the MACS lift as well as running behind your ear. This allows a very effective lifting, tightening and repositioning of your facial tissues, while still allowing a very natural result to be achieved.  A SMAS facelift lasts seven to ten years and is suitable for you if you have moderate to severe laxity in your face and laxity in your neck tissue as well.

Facelift surgery can be done on its own or in combination with other facial rejuvenation techniques such as eyelid lifts, brow lifts, facial peels and muscle relaxing injections.  A bespoke treatment plan is created for each of our patients according to their individual needs.

If you would like any further information on facelift surgery or to see one of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons, please contact us on 01892 536960 or email us at

Purity Bridge Team