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When HA fillers are to be used for facial contouring, such as restoration of volume and support in the cheeks, augmentation of the chin to support the neck and strengthen the jawline, we recognise that larger volumes need to be used to achieve the desired result.

Due to the recognition that people undergoing facial sculpting will require a higher number of syringes of filler each treatment, we have introduced a 4-syringe package, designed with this in mind.

The Purity Bridge Facial Contouring Package consists of 4-syringes from Allergan’s Vycross range of HA fillers. These include Volbella, Volift and Voluma. Used individually, the syringes are charged at 375 each. However, the Purity Bridge Facial Contouring Package of 4-syinges from the Vycross range (of any combination within the range) is charged at only 1150.

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