The Injectable Experience of the Purity Bridge Team

Following on from our last blog – it’s the injector, not the injectable – we asked our experienced team of clinicians what their background, training and experience was regarding injectables. As you can see, the team at Purity Bridge is highly experienced, well trained and up to date!

Marc Pacifico
“My plastic surgery career started in 2000, and encompassed all aspects of the specialty – both non-surgical and surgical. Since then I have undertaken many specialist training experiences, particularly spending 6-months on an Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship in Melbourne, Australia, gaining experience and knowledge continually. As well as regularly going to conferences and training courses, I also teach trainee plastic surgeons about non-surgical techniques, including injectables. My goal is a natural harmonious appearance, restoring freshness and avoiding the dreaded “operated-on” look!”

Nora Nugent
I have been working in plastic surgery since 2003 and have received extensive training in London, Australia and the US in the latest techniques for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. I regularly attend aesthetic meetings, keeping abreast of the latest developments in facial aesthetics from the world’s leading plastic surgeons. I prioritise achieving a fresh and natural facial appearance.

Lisa Brendling
I began injecting facial fillers 10 years ago (I actually have a higher degree evaluating volume changes following facial fillers). I have been trained in London & Scotland. I keep my skills updated and learn the latest techniques through regular attendance at injectables courses/meetings including the Royal Society of Medicine, Clinical, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Expo, and Allergan training events. I have also been trained by Mauricio de Miaio; considered the leading expert in facial filler techniques.

Using the latest generation of fillers & specialist techniques, I aim to rejuvenate the face and optimise facial proportions for both male and female patients. Examples of treatments include augmentation of cheeks, chin and jawline, the liquid facelift, and nasal reshaping.

Sue Mitchell
I have been injecting since the early 1990s and started with (the now obsolete!) collagen, and have seen how much things have moved on. My initial training was in London over a 3-month course – much longer than the 1-3 day courses now in existence! I have done many other updates over the years and still go on courses every year.

My main interest is filler to the lower face and toxin to the upper face. I am keen on the very natural look and don’t want any of my patients to look overdone.

Mary Chattiar
I have been injecting for 10 years. I completed my training in London & I have experience using a number of different toxins, such as Botox and Azzalure/Dysport. I keep myself up to date with the latest developments in skin care and wrinkle treatment, attending courses and training regularly.


You are in safe and experienced hands with the Purity Bridge Team, so please be assured you have made the right choice when coming to see us.

Purity Bridge Team