Our latest ‘cool’ open evening!

Last week saw our VIP CoolSculpting launch at Purity Bridge. We are all very excited at the arrival of this innovative, non-invasive body sculpting technique.

CoolSculpting is still relatively new to the UK, and involves freezing fat cells in order to kill them. A single treatment decreases a fat deposit by on average 33%. It can be used to treat arms, back fat, stomach, love handles, inner and outer thighs, and the male chest. It is the only device which is FDA cleared in the United States (where the technology was designed), and has unique safety features as well as maximum results.

Our guests were welcomed with drinks and canapés, followed by a live demonstration. Our model Lucy had her stomach treated, which involves applying a vacuum applicator. This applies a strong suction to suck the fat into an applicator, before starting the freezing process. An hour later the applicator is removed, and there were lots of ‘wows’ when everyone saw the frozen area formed on Lucy’s stomach, and surprise at just how cold it felt!

Dr Sophie Shotter, our cosmetic doctor, then gave a talk about the science behind CoolSculpting, the process involved and showed some impressive before and after photographs. She was joined by Tim Stevens, a representative from CoolSculpting, who told our guests a little about the company’s background and the research that went into the machine.

Sophie then gave one to one consultations for people interested in the treatment and their suitability for it.

CoolSculpting is now available at Purity Bridge – call us to book your free consultation on 01892 536960

Purity Bridge Team