A Lip Lift Diary!

We are so grateful to our patient for sharing the experience of undergoing a lip lift. Lip lifts are becoming one of our signature procedures at Purity Bridge, and we are seeing excellent results, time and time again!

Day 1: I was really apprehensive about how much the operation would hurt as I have a very low pain threshold, but I was surprised at how pain free the whole procedure was. The anaesthetic was the only part that hurt; and even that wasn’t really that bad, it was over and done with within a few minutes. I was so nervous about the procedure but as soon as it began all those nerves went away as I realised I had nothing to worry about. During the operation I couldn’t feel anything and there was no pain what so ever, in fact I kept dozing off which was the last thing I expected to happen. Immediately after you could see the result, which I was thrilled with (despite the swelling)
3 hours after op

Day 2: I woke up to my lips very swollen, my face was a little achy where all the anaesthetic had worn off, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was painful. I had been taking paracetamol every 6 hours to ensure I don’t get much pain.
Day 2a

Day 2b

Day 3: My lips and face were still very swollen and I had to be a little careful when eating solid foods and sneezing.

Day 5: The swelling of my face had now completely gone and the swelling of my lips had gone down a lot too. It was also easier to eat now.

Day 7: Today I had my stitches out. It had healed really well and I was so pleased with the scar, it was so neat and right in the crease under my nose. This time I only needed a few thinner pieces of tape over the scar which I only had to keep on for a few more days. All swelling had completely gone away at this point too.
Stitches out

6 weeks post operation: I couldn’t be happier with the result! This one small procedure has made such a huge difference in many ways. My lips now look so much fuller and have a really natural shape, my top lip also doesn’t completely disappear when I smile anymore. It’s made such a difference to my confidence and I now love my smile and smile a lot more than I used too, many of my friends and family have pointed that out too. The scar is healing really well, it’s so neat and barely visible and I massage it with bio oil every night to help with the healing process.
6 weeks post op 2

6 weeks post op 3

The picture below shows the long term results of our patient at 18-months:

We’re sure you’ll agree that these results are truly transformational. If you are interested in finding out more about lip lifts, please call 01892 536 960 or email

Purity Bridge Team