Luscious lips for Valentines day – free consultations with our specialists

Have you noticed your lips thinning with age? Perhaps you have an imbalance between your upper and lower lip, or simply naturally thin lips. Lip fillers are the answer in most cases. After careful assessment by one of our specialists, and an explanation of the process, filler can be safely injected in a natural and subtle way to enhance your lips the way you want them to be.

Fillers contain the naturally-occurring substance, hyaluronic acid, and last for around 6-months in most people, but in some cases up to 12 months. Done properly by a trained professional, they should be under, rather than over-done. More can always be added at a later date if desired. If you would like to plump up your lips to make them more kissable this Valentines, call 01892 536 960 to book an appointment.

Purity Bridge Team