Our new facial aesthetic expert is off to a flying start!

We are delighted that our specialist in facial aesthetics, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mrs Lisa Brendling, is off to a flying start at Purity Bridge. Lisa has a special interest in facial aesthetics, particularly the “liquid facelift” or “8-point lift” using bespoke filler

Lisa has been trained in the most advanced use of fillers which can now be used to produce natural, refreshed rejuvenation without the dreaded “pillow-face” over filled look sometimes seen in celebrities. By carefully analysing your face and assessing how the ageing process is affecting you personally, Lisa can design a programme to address the changes.

Importantly, whilst Lisa will carefully understand the areas that trouble you, she will take her time to analyse what the underlying facial ageing changes are that have given you the specific concerns you have. For example, if it is the nose to mouth lines that trouble you (parentheses lines), these may actually be caused by changes to your cheek primarily, that then result in these lines. Therefore the correct course of management is to treat the cheeks first and give them back the support they have lost. This in turn will improve the nose to mouth lines.

If you are interested in the tremendous range of non-surgical options now available, book in to see Lisa now. Phone 01892 536 960, or email

Purity Bridge Team