New Year, New You – Body Contouring in 2016

After our indulgence over the Christmas period, and after a bit of soul searching, we all inevitably consider a fresh start with positive plans and ambitions for the New Year. Living a healthier lifestyle, a better diet, more exercise and considering our health in general all frequently top the lists as priorities for new year’s resolutions.

Interestingly, as plastic surgery, and specifically body contouring, becomes less taboo and even a more frequent topic of dinner party conversation, each January we notice a spike in body contouring enquiries! The requests range from subtle contouring of the thighs or love handles using liposuction, through to tummy tucks and more.

A range of procedures is possible to other areas of the body, including arm lifts (brachioplasty), thigh lifts, lower body lifts and upper body lifts. At the end of the day, as for all plastic surgery, each procedure has to be bespoke tailored to the individual, with nuanced alterations made for different people according to their bodies, their goals and their tissue qualities. The key is that these are body contouring and not weight loss procedures. So they are there for people who are at a stable good weight, but either can’t shift the excess fat deposits (such as the love handles or hips) or have some loose skin that no amount of diet and exercise will improve (such as after pregnancy).

Due to the popularity of body contouring in the New Year, Mr Pacifico and Ms Nugent are holding a complimentary Body Contouring Open Evening in early February.  With a glass of fizz and some nibbles, please do join us and hear first hand about what can be done, and see examples of their work, as they illustrate each procedure with before and after pictures.


Example of before and after a tummy tuck with additional liposuction (performed by Mr Pacifico). Photos used with kind permission of the patient.

Purity Bridge Team