The pitfall from discounted surgery to nip-tuck holidays abroad

One of the biggest challenges many people face when considering cosmetic procedures, particularly surgery, is the cost. This has driven a boom in cheaper offerings of surgery overseas, and the development of the cosmetic tourism market. Ironically, there has been some support for this in some quarters, where it is viewed as increasing and improving trade relations between countries!

However, at what cost? Whilst there are extremely talented and reputable surgeons in most countries, it is far harder to do your research on surgeons abroad, than it is in on UK surgeons. This is partly due to the language, and also due to the differing standards, training background and quality of hospitals in different countries, even within the EU.

Coupled with this is the issue and challenge of aftercare. At Purity Bridge we are incredibly conscious that our patients’ care does not stop once they have had their procedure. Indeed, it continues for quite some time after this, to ensure that they get the best result possible, and that they continue their journey with us until we are both happy that their result is the best it can be.

Furthermore, complications can happen. As much as we would like them not to, there are a risk for undergoing any surgical procedure. The problems that can arise with treating complications for patients who have been abroad are much discussed in the media – there seems to be an expectation that the NHS will somehow sort things out. This is no way to run an ethical or good quality service.

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons have all dealt with many patients who have had complications from surgery abroad, and also performed revision surgery on those with unsatisfactory outcomes from surgery abroad. At the end of the day, this, ironically, often ends up costing the patient a lot more money than they would have spent had they stayed in the UK to have their surgery in the first place.

Lastly, the romanticised image of having a tummy tuck (or any surgery) in somewhere warm and then relaxing in a spa or on the beach afterwards (as is often promoted by cosmetic tourism companies) is far fetched to say the least – the immediate post-surgery period of recovery is not one to spend in a spa or on a beach!

Therefore, our recommendation is that if money is making the ability to undergo cosmetic surgery a problem; please do not do anything until you have saved up enough.

What cost is your health?

Purity Bridge Team