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Providing radiance, glow and freshness!

Youtuful Booster

The Youthful Booster is perfect for the skin of those in their 20s and early 30s – to revive tired skin and boost your complexion! It combines a superficial peel to add a glow to your skin, a light sprinkle of wrinkle relaxation, some luscious lip filler, and that all important sun-protection.

Sprinkle BotoxTM / Juvederm smile lip filler / Purity Bridge signature peel / Sunblock

Normal Price £ 668
Package Price £ 649


Combating the effects of life's stresses


Have you ever wondered how the A-listers maintain their almost perfect complexions? Well, their secrets are along the lines of our Revitalise package!

Course of 4 Revitalising Peels / BotoxTM/1ml filler / Sunblock

Normal Price £ 1218
Package Price £ 1061


Fighting the effects of time


Ageing is an unwelcome inevitability of life, but there are things we can do to combat the visible signs of the passage of time. Our Rejuvenate package is a perfect way to fight the effects of ageing.

Course of 4 Rejuvenating Peels / Cell stimulus treatment (7 days post peel) / Collagen & Elasticity revitaliser / Wrinkle-relaxing BotoxTM / 1ml filler / Sunblock

Normal Price £ 1467
Package Price £ 1272


Refresh & revitalise your skin

Masculine Maintenance

Whether it’s due to the competitive workplace, the everyday stresses of life, or simply fighting the effects of ageing, we have put together a bespoke package designed for the male face

“Brotox” - Wrinkle-relaxing BotoxTM for men / Skin Builder treatment / Collagen & Elasticity revitaliser / Sunblock

Normal Price £ 614
Package Price £ 547


Getting the best from your Facelift

Facelift Maintenance

You've had the amazing results of your facelift, but understand that the ageing clock continues to tick…so what can be done to get the most from your result? This starts with manual lymphatic drainage massage, followed by a course of peels, and finally wrinkle-relaxing injections

Course of 4 Facial Massage / Course of 4 TCA Peels / BotoxTM

Normal Price £ 1250
Package Price £ 1050

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