Labia Reduction Surgery

Labiaplasty, labial reduction, labioplasty

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Costs - from £4,500


Labial reshaping, or labiaplasty (also referred to as labioplasty) is a procedure designed to address functional and aesthetic concerns to the labia - the "lips" of the vagina. Usually it is the internal vaginal lips, the labia minora, that are targeted, but it is also possible to perform procedures on the outer lips, the labia major. A labiaplasty may be performed because of the development of oversized labia, or because of asymmetry. This may either be developmental, or occur after pregnancy. The operation is designed to improve the appearance of the labia, and can also help functional issues, such as chaffing.

Who carries out this treatment?

  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon


A labiaplasty is most commonly performed under local anaesthetic (whilst you are awake). By combining numbing anaesthetic cream, followed by carefully placed injections, the whole area is frozen, to allow the surgery to be performed in a pain-free way. It is a "walk in, walk out" procedure, so you can go home after the procedure. We would always advise you to be accompanied so you can be taken home by a relative or friend, as you should not walk too much straight after the procedure.


The benefits of labiaplasty surgery are both functional and aesthetic. Patients report reduced discomfort and chaffing, and also report a much higher body image score, with improved self-esteem and body confidence. Many women also report an improvement in their sex life following surgery.

Labial reshaping Prices

  • Costs from £4,000

Other thoughts regarding Labial Reshaping

Depending on the complexity of the specific case, the operating times range between 45 and 90 minutes.

It is normal to feel sore after surgery, and you should not over do it in the early post-operative period. Generally, we would recommend taking 1-2 weeks off work, so you can take it easy. You will need to keep the surgical area clean, with daily showers, and you should wear a pad for 4-6 weeks after surgery as there will be spotting.

By 6-weeks you should be able to resume all actives, including sexual intercourse, and for the first two weeks, you should take things very gently. Between weeks 2 and 6, you can gradually build up activity levels.

Labiaplasty has a high patient satisfaction rate and is increasingly popular nowadays.

As with any surgery, there risks associated with labiaplasty surgery.

  • Wound infection and delayed healing - hence the advice to keep the area as clean as possible after surgery
  • Bleeding - if this occurs and a swelling develops, it might need draining surgically
  • Asymmetry - whilst labiaplasty surgery is often performed to address asymmetry, there will always be a degree of difference between both sides (which is entirely normal). If there is a big difference, this should be discussed with your surgeon post-operatively.
  • Poor scarring - normally this area heals incredibly well. However, if the scarring becomes tight and contracted, it might cause problems the require further procedures to address. This might be at further cost.
  • Revision surgery to make adjustments is sometimes required

Prices starts from £4,000

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