MACS lift, short scar facelift, local anaesthetic facelift

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Costs - around £7,000


A mini-facelift is a term used to describe a facelift performed under local anaesthetic. It is also known as a “lunchtime facelift” as well as a myriad of other names. Mini-facelifts are excellent procedures to lift and tighten the jawline and early sagging around the jaw. By definition they are not as invasive or extensive as full facelifts. Therefore, whilst they do not carry the same risks or recovery as a full facelift, the results are not as dramatic and they won’t last as long as a full facelift.

Who carries out this treatment?

  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon


There are a variety of ways of performing a mini-facelift, and the exact technique should be tailored to your specific needs. Often scars are placed around the sideburn area, in front of the ear, around the earlobe, or a combination of all three. Skin is carefully lifted away from the deeper tissue, which can then be tightened internally, before any excess skin is gently removed and the wounds are then stitched.


A mini-facelift is safe, simple and quick to perform. Recovery is quick, and there is little bruising in most cases. People are often back to work the next day, and stitches are out as soon as a week after surgery.

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Lip Lift Prices

  • Costs around £7,000

Other thoughts regarding Facelifts

The surgery usually takes between 60-90 minutes, depending on the extent of the lift. Other procedures may be done at the same time, such as an eyelid lift – this will of course add further time to the procedure

Most people are back at work (if desk-based) within a day or two of the procedure. There will be swelling and bruising, but this is usually minimal with a mini-facelift. Stitches are removed a week after surgery, and gentle exercise can be started at 2-3 weeks post-op.

Light everyday tasks can be started the day after surgery, as long as you do not bend down. Stitches are removed at a week, but you should still take it easy at that point. Gentle exercise can be started around 2-3 weeks after surgery, building up to a normal regime at 4-weeks.

Mini-facelifts are excellent procedures in the right person, who understands the likely results. They are best performed to combat early ageing (late 30s to early 50s) in “light featured” faces. They are often unsatisfactory in those with heavy necks and jowls, and those with lots of sagging.

Like any surgical procedures, a mini-facelift has a risk of complications. Our Purity Bridge Consultant Plastic Surgeons take every care possible to minimise these, however, the following might still occur:

  • Infection - either treatable with antibiotics, wound dressings or occasionally returns to the operating theatre
  • Bleeding - safety always comes first, so this might require a return to the operating theatre to stop any bleeding
  • Delayed Wound Healing - this may require a course of wound dressings or return to theatre
  • Pain, Discomfort or Shooting Pains - these are temporary if they occur
  • Facial Nerve Injury - this very serious complication is fortunately rare - occurring in less than 0.7% of full facelifts and even lower for mini-facelifts. Furthermore, it is usually temporary when it happens, but may take around 3-months to recover from.
  • Asymmetry - there is a possibility the scar may not be perfectly symmetrical, and the surgery itself may reveal some pre-existing differences between left and right halves of your abdomen.
  • Seroma - a build up of fluid may occur in the cheek or neck requiring drainage in the clinic
  • Lumpy scarring - some people develop lumpy scarring that might require further intervention

Prices starts from £6250