Cosmetic Surgery

State of the art facilities

We are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of plastic surgery procedures on-site in our state of the art day-case operating suite. This was built and commissioned in 2021, and we have regular operating lists week-in, week-out. We have very strict safety criteria for eligibility for surgery in our facilities, both related to patient factors (such as weight, medical conditions), length of surgery, and the stipulation that there will be no need for an overnight stay. Should you not fulfil our criteria, our consultant Plastic Surgeons all have practising privileges in nearby leading private hospitals which can serve as alternatives.

Our feedback, meticulously collected from every one of our Purity Bridge surgical patients has been second to none, with every patient scoring either 9 or 10/10 when asked how likely they would be to recommend their friends and family had their surgery at Purity Bridge. This is testament to the personal and attentive nature of our patient journey, as well as our attention to detail, and strict safety measures.

We hope you find the information on our website helpful and informative – there will be much more information we can provide once your have embarked on your journey with us!

3D Consultations at Purity Bridge

Have you wondered what your breasts might look like with implants in? Have you wondered how different size implants, or different shape implants may affect the appearance of your breasts? If you have answered yes to the above, then we might be able to help! Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons offer the very latest in 3D […]

Augmentation Mastopexy

A breast lift with implants is a “combination procedure” – i.e. two operations in one. During the same procedure, your breasts are augmented (enlarged), but also, lifted (the mastopexy). The final scars are around the areola (the coloured part of the nipple), as well as vertically down towards the breast crease, and often in the […]

Breast Augmentation Surgery

A breast augmentation (breast enlargement; boob job; breast enhancement) is normally performed using silicone implants by the Consultant Plastic Surgeons at Purity Bridge. Breast implants come in a variety of styles and surfaces, with shapes including round or anatomical (shaped, or teardrop) shapes and textured or smooth surfaces (for round only). The right implant for […]

Breast Mastopexy Surgery

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to address a droop in the breast, a low nipple position and sagging skin. During the operation, the breast tissue is repositioned to a higher location, the nipple is also raised, and excess skin is removed. It will leave scars around […]

Breast Reduction Surgery

A breast reduction is an excellent procedure to address both the functional and aesthetic concerns you may have about being large (and heavy) breasted. It combines a volume reduction with a breast lift, leaving scars around the areola, down towards the breast crease, with an additional scar in the breast crease sometimes needed. Surgery to […]

Cosmetic Surgery Overview

Our team of Consultant Plastic Surgeons have experience in a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures. Some of the types of procedures they perform are outlined below, but the list is not exhaustive. More information can be found on their individual, personal websites via The Specialists page. Eyelid LiftA blepharoplasty is an excellent operation to […]

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Upper eyelid rejuvenation can be performed under local anaesthetic as an “office-based” procedure. It is an excellent procedure to remove redundant excess upper lid skin and brighten up the eyes in a natural “un-operated” appearing way. Incisions are made following the natural lines of your upper eyelid creases. Skin is removed, sometimes with a section […]


A facelift remains the gold standard surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation. A number of types of facelift can be performed, and it is important that the best one for you is chosen, after a thorough consultation, a careful clinical examination, and a complete understanding of your expectations, downtime available and budget. Facelifts involve a scar […]

Lateral Temporal Brow Lift

The first area of our face to show the signs of ageing is our outer brow, or lateral brow. This starts to drop and initiates the tired, ageing and heaviness many people notice around their eyes, also contributing to an appearance of skin excess in the outer brow. An ingenious solution to this is the […]

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose reshaping surgery, known as rhinoplasty, is designed to improve the appearance, and sometimes also the function, of the nose. The nose is reshaped by a variety of operative techniques, with the precise plan being designed bespoke for you. The aim is to give you a natural appearing nose, that is harmonious with the rest […]

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical technique to improve the contour of the abdomen. There are a range of types of tummy tuck offered by our Purity Bridge Consultant Plastic Surgeons, and these include mini-tummy tucks, full tummy tucks and post massive weight loss procedures, such as a lower body lift (belt lipectomy), […]