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Leg thread vein treatment

The Procedure

Sclerotherapy is our treatment of choice for thread veins in the legs. This procedure is only suitable once a careful examination has been performed to exclude any underlying blood vessel problem that may have caused the thread veins. This is done at an appointment with Mr Mark Tyrrell, consultant vascular surgeon.

What does it involve?

The procedure is done with you awake. A solution of a substance that blocks the tiny veins is injected into each vein using an ultra-fine needle. Superficially there is immediate blanching of the vein as the solution tracks its way through the branches of the tiny vessels. Gentle pressure is applied and the treatment is continued on to other affected areas. This solution acts as an irritant to the veins and over the following few weeks they shrink and fade. The procedure sometimes has to be repeated several times depending on the severity of the areas. Appointments for follow-up treatments are at 6-8 weekly intervals.

What are the benefits?

Sclerotherapy is an excellent procedure for thread vein treatment that has a proven track record.

Other thoughts regarding Sclerotherapy

The length of time the procedure takes depends on the amount of veins that need treating. Typically a treatment takes around 40-minutes. Should large areas need treating it may be necessary to undergo several treatments as mentioned above.

After the procedure is completed, it is important to wear strong support tights for 10-days. Some areas may develop a brownish discolouration. You should expect some bruising and redness for the first week.

DO NOT have hot baths or showers for 48-hours. A cool bath or shower is permissible after 24-hours.

Avoid perfumed lotions, creams and soaps. Tea tree wash is recommended.

DO NOT shave your legs or have your legs waxed until 2-3 weeks after treatment.

Exercise is permissible after 24-hours, but strong support tights must be worn.

DO NOT swim for 1-week after treatment.

Legs may be red and sometimes swollen following treatment

Not all the thread veins may disappear after the first treatment. Further treatment sessions (2-3) may be needed on occasion. Further treatments must be at least 6-weeks after the previous treatment.

New veins may develop in time

Rarely, ulcers can develop at a treatment site

Brownish pigmentation or discolouration is possible, but this generally fades with time.

Infection or irritation can develop at the site of treatment. This may require treatment with antibiotics

Prices starts from £285

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