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The Strawberry Laser

The Strawberry Laser

At Purity Bridge we have recognised that surgery is not for everyone. However, the neck and under chin area have, until recently, not had any real non-surgical alternative treatments.

The Strawberry Laser is a revolutionary state of the art laser specifically designed to target double chins and facial jowls. The 30-minute treatment (normally repeated 4 times a fortnight apart) is non-painful and extremely effective.

It is ideally suited to those with stubborn fat pockets under the chin who have good quality skin, but it can achieve improvements in a wide range of faces and necks

How it works

Step 1

The laser makes the fat cells malleable, enabling them to empty their contents, creating an instant circumference reduction. The contents then travel via the lymphatics and venous systems to be excreted from the body

Step 2

The Silent Ultrasound kills fat cells and tightens the skin. As this is a natural process, it can take up to 12-weeks for the body to completely eliminate the fat.

In summary

Step 1 empties the fat cells, providing instant fat reduction

Step 2 kills fat cells and tightens the skin, providing result longevity which can last up to 18-months

What does it involve?

The procedure takes place with you lying on a couch for the application of the strawberry laser. This feels comfortable and often generates a warm feeling in the treatment area. After the laser, following the application of some gel, a Silent Ultrasound is then used to tighten the skin and further treat the fat

How many treatments will be needed?

For the best results, a course of 4 treatments is recommended, with 2-week intervals. Maintenance treatments can be arranged 3-6 months after completion of a full course, should you require them.

How long does the procedure take?

The treatments last around 30-minutes. Your first treatment will be allocated at least 45-minutes to allow time for explanations and discussion

What is the recovery period?

There are very few side effects from the Strawberry Laser, although some people can find their skin feels a little irritated. Application of aloe vera gel can help to soothe the area. Otherwise, it is recommended that you moisturise daily to prevent any dryness in the area. You should avoid strong sunlight and use a sun-block for a few days after treatment.  Furthermore, you should not use any heat treatments such as a sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room or have a hot bath within 24 hours post treatment.

When will I notice the results?

Some people will see their results straight away, but others will be swollen for a short time afterwards. The results will continue to improve over the next 12 weeks as cellular regeneration is active, and lifting and toning continues to take place.

What are the success rates?

The results are permanent however due to the natural ageing process, maintenance treatments may be required.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a single session is £350, but a course of 4 will cost only £1200

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