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Purity Bridge Open Evening Report!

We had such a great open evening last night we just had to write up and tell all of you who were unable to make it all about it!

We were lucky enough to be joined by all 3 of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons – Nora Nugent, Lisa Brendling and Marc Pacifico – for a tour around the body and an insight into what non-surgical and surgical treatment options are available.

The evening was kick-started by a live demonstration by Purity Bridge Specialist Nurse Sue Mitchell performing a Thermavein treatment on Helen, our volunteer, to treat her facial thread veins. Thermavein is an extremely quick and effective treatment for thread veins on the face, and the audience was able to witness first hand how well the treatment worked and how well tolerated it was. A big thank you to Helen for putting herself forward for the demonstration!

Marc then discussed the background philosophy of Purity Bridge – excellence of care, safety and using predictable and reliable treatments. Lisa then explained how ageing affects the face – with loss of fat volume, sagging of the tissues and changes in skin quality. She explained that modern non-surgical treatment approaches are now geared to target these concepts, and are not simply aimed to “fill or freeze” as they were in the recent past. She also discussed the bespoke treatments that can be done, with combined surgical and non-surgical approaches frequently being best for patients.
Nora Nugent discussing facelifts at Purity Bridge
Nora discussed the surgical options for facial rejuvenation. She described that a facelift is still the gold standard facial rejuvenation technique with consistently high patient satisfaction scores. She showed examples of before and after facelift patient photos, and also presented other plastic surgery options on the face, such as to the nose, the ears and the eyelids. Finally Marc spoke about breast plastic surgery, as well as body contouring surgery to round off the presentation.

We had an attentive and inquisitive audience who asked a multitude of questions and quizzed our speakers after the presentation.
Marc Pacifico, Nora Nugent and Lisa Brendling answering questions
We would like to thank those who attended the event, the Purity Bridge Team who organised the event, Helen, our wonderful volunteer and all who spoke and participated in the event.

We look forward to our next event, which we will be posting more information about shortly.

09, June, 2016Purity Bridge Team

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