The Purity Bridge World Cup of Treatments – the results so far!

So we are now nearing the climax of one of the most exciting world cups in recent memory…and the football world cup has been pretty exhilarating too!

As you might recall from our June blog (Back of The Net) each member of the Purity Bridge team backed a procedure or treatment that we offer, to go into the Purity Bridge World Cup of Treatments.

Here is an update on how the treatments has performed over the last month:

Unsurprisingly, the skin resurfacing treatments have not fared as well as some of the other procedures – this is inevitable, given the sunny weather, and the fact that most skin treatments such as peels and laser, require avoidance of direct sunlight – we fully expect them to recover their form in the autumn!

The injectable treatments – anti-wrinkle injections and filler treatments are neck and neck looking like they will make it through to at least the semi-finals, if not beyond.

However, the procedures that are leading the pack, in terms of performance, since the last newsletter, are the local anaesthetic (wide awake) surgical procedures. These have included a wide range such as liposuction, lip lifts, upper eyelid lifts and earFolds. Perhaps it is unfair to bundle them together, but we shall wait and see if there is a clear winner on the 15th July, when the World Cup final takes place.

The summer is a great time to have some treatments, such as injectables and local anaesthetic surgery – if you would like to find out more about them, please get in touch or browse the website for more information.

Purity Bridge Team