Skin boosting the Purity Bridge way!

It is well established that there are several consistent factors in determining our skin health and quality – our genes, smoking, sun damage and of course the ageing process. Genetics is something that we cannot change and smoking of course is something we can. Sun damage we have a degree of control over but ageing of course is an unwelcome inevitability for all of us!

So what can be done in a simple inexpensive and predictable way to improve our skin quality? At Purity Bridge we have great success in our popular chemical peels, particularly the medium depth TCA peels. Gone are the days of peels resulting in terrible flaking that remind people of a snake shedding it’s skin, instead, nowadays peels are done with a philosophy of “little and often” that result in at most a small amount of mild flaking that is easily addressed with some moisturising cream.

Before TCA peelAfter TCA peel

The best way to get a good result from your TCA peel is to have a course of four peels, once a week or so over a four week period. By the time you have had the effects of the fourth peel, the effects can be truly dramatic and incredibly rewarding.

Another factor that makes peels so incredibly attractive is that they are a fraction of the price of some of the alternative skin rejuvenation techniques such as laser resurfacing. We have a steady cohort of regular friends of the practice who come for annual courses of peels in the autumn and winter months which is the perfect time to have them, so you are not exposed to bright sunlight. The skin of our patients maintains a healthy glow and an improved quality with very high satisfaction rates; evidenced by the repeat treatments the patient’s enjoy having.

Before TCA peel 2After TCA peel 2
So how does a Purity Bridge Peel feel and how is it done? The peel is usually applied with cotton buds or sometimes gauze swabs, in small circular and wiping motions over the face. One, two or three passes are used, depending on the depth of treatment required. During the peel process, there is a slight stinging a bit like mild sunburn which is quickly neutralised with a special anti-stinging cream. We have uploaded a short clip to the website so you can see how a peel is being done and you can see how our patient appears completely relaxed and comfortable during the process and you can see how straightforward it is to do.

So if you ask our Specialist Nurses for the number one skin treatment they would recommend everyone can benefit from to treat sunspots, fine lines, wrinkles and general overall skin quality the TCA peels win hands down!
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