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Clare has been a clinical massage & MLD therapist since 2004, specialising in the lymphatic system. She is highly skilled, empathic and committed to deliver exemplary post-surgical aftercare for her clients. She has extensive experience working with many types of surgical recovery; oncology, orthopaedics, reconstructive and cosmetic.  From 2008-2011, she worked part-time as a complementary therapist in cancer services at University College London hospital, while studying a BSc (hons) Health Sciences; remedial massage & neuromuscular therapy. She then worked at Horder Healthcare and continued on to study an MSc in Complementary Medicine, which was completed in 2015. She was invited to present a poster of her dissertation about lymphoedema management at the British Lymphology Society (BLS) conference in the same year. Currently, alongside her private practice and working at Purity Bridge, Clare is also an MLD therapist at the Royal Marsden hospital. She is a member of MLDuk and spoke at their 2018 conference in May, about her use of ‘Lymphascial’ kinesiology taping to speed cosmetic post-surgical recovery.

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