The pinnacle of the breast

We see a number of patients with concerns about both their nipples and areolae, which can vary considerably. Most commonly we see women with inverted nipples that have either been inverted all their life or have developed since breast feeding.

The treatment for inverted nipples can successfully be done in an outpatient setting under local anaesthetic with very satisfying results. Whilst occasionally the nipples do invert again, especially if they have been very tight and hard to evert in the first place however, normally once the operation has been performed they remain in their new everted position.

We also see people with nipples they feel self conscious about as they are overly large. In this situation, nipple reduction surgery can be performed. This results of nipple reduction surgery are very natural, with the fine scars being well-hidden in the nipple skin. Nipple reduction can result in some reduced sensation and this is something that has to be weighed up personally by an individual as to whether or not this is a compromise worth making.

We also perform surgery to change the shape of nipples that either might appear as double nipples or as a variety of small nodules. This can be very rewarding as the previous appearance of the nipples can make the patient very self conscious and embarrassed. The key is to ensure a natural appearance of the nipple every time, minimising the scarring and boosting the patient’s self-esteem. Most nipple surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic and results in little time off work.

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This shows one nipple reduced and the other everted, to produce much better symmetry, and a delighted patient!


The nipple reduction, above


The nipple eversion (correction of inverted nipple), above

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