The Purity Bridge advice on filler treatments – “FIL”

There is a worrying repeated finding from surveys in the aesthetics industry that most people will still choose their dermal filler practitioner on the basis of price, or even on “time-limited special offers”. With so much publicity about dermal fillers in the media, it is easy to overlook the fact that filler injections are a medical procedure, and always carry a degree of risk.

The team at Purity Bridge always recommend that you always seek an experienced, reputable and skilled injector, and one who practices in a safe and accredited location. As well as minimising risks of complications, finding a clinician with an artistic eye is also a high priority. The varying results we see (from the refreshed and natural appearance through to the over-treated and unnatural) principally stem from the aesthetic eye of the practitioner.

So the Purity Bridge advice is simple – think of FIL when choosing where to have your dermal filler – Flare (or artistry) of an experienced and reputable Injector in an accredited Location.

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Purity Bridge Team