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What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a term used to describe excessive, problematic sweating.  The most common places for this are the underarms, palms of hands, soles of feet and forehead. The advice for hyperhidrosis includes lifestyle measures, such as using antiperspirant rather than deodorant, wearing black or white, avoiding manmade or tight clothing, wearing absorbent underarm pads to protect clothing, changing socks several times throughout the day, and alternating footwear to allow them to dry out properly, and wearing open toed shoes.  The next option is 20% aluminium chloride hexahydrate solution applied to the skin at night, and then washed off the next morning.  These options are not effective for everyone, can be impractical, and some cannot tolerate the skin reactions from the aluminium chloride hexadydrate.  Others prefer not to apply aluminium to their skin.

Who carries out this treatment?

  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Aesthetic Physician
  • Mary Chettiar Specialist Nurse
  • Mary Chettiar Specialist Nurse

Why would you have botulinum toxin to help with this?

Suffering with excessive sweating can be bothersome, embarrassing and for others it can significantly reduce their quality of life.  Some people need to really plan what they are going to wear, or even take a change of clothes with them when going out.

Botulinum toxin, or Botox can effectively reduce or stop sweating when injected into the parts of your body that sweat, such as the underarms, hands, and face.  For many people, this can be life-changing.


How is it done?

You would need to have a full medical history first, to check that you are suitable for the treatment.  The treatment itself is done in the clinic, after having some numbing cream applied if the more sensitive areas are being treated, such as underarms.  The areas is then marked up and treated with botox much the same as treating the face to relax wrinkles.


How long does it last?

When treating areas for sweating, such as the underarms, you can expect the results to last approximately 6 months.


Is it painful?

No!  The area will be numbed, and the needles used are tiny and very fine, making the procedure almost completely painless.

Hyperhidrosis Prices

  • Costs £475