Surgical Treatments

Our leading Consultant Plastic Surgeons at Purity Bridge offer a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Smaller procedures under local anaesthetic are performed in the treatment room in the clinic itself, whilst other surgical procedures are performed at the nearby top private hospitals.

Procedures our Consultants perform include facelifts, eyelid lifts, brow lifts, neck lifts, fat transfer (fat grafting), cosmetic breast surgery (such as breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift) and body contouring surgery (including tummy tucks, body lifts, arm lifts and thigh lifts). Please ask for more details if you are interested in any of these.

Our Treatments

Here at Purity Bridge in Tunbridge Wells we have carefully selected the treatments we offer and the highly skilled practitioners who administer them. All products and treatments have a proven track record with regard to safety and high quality evidence of effectiveness. We have also been careful to choose therapies that complement one another and reach across the spectrum: from topical therapies, through to injectables, and other skin care treatments.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Our non-surgical treatments range from medical grade skin care through to injectables, as well as other skin rejuvenation techniques and non-invasive body contouring techniques. Each treatment is personalised for you after a consultation with one of our specialists. A tailored treatment plan will be formulated for you to ensure you have the best possible outcome and continued maintenance of your results.