Are you using medical skin care products…or pampering products?

“What is your skin care regime?”

“What active ingredients (ingredients that actually change the skin) does it contain? And in what concentrations?”

Did you know that all over the counter cosmetics will not actually have any active impact on your skin? Even the higher end of the market products that make all sorts of claims!

In actual fact, 95% of the cosmetic skin care industry produces products that do not do anything to the skin. They smell nice, they feel nice and they make us feel better when we use them (especially if they are very expensive!) but they do not contain any active ingredients. Furthermore, this industry is worth in the region of $10 billion worldwide each year…remarkable for an industry providing products that have no effect!

The skin is actually the first layer to show early signs of ageing, yet the damage, particularly that caused by the sun, is being done long before we can see it. In our mid-late 20s we can start to see pigmentation spots (freckles) and in our early 30s fine lines begin to develop, that will become deeper and more permanent. In addition, further pigmentation will crop up, the skin will thin and the general effects of external insults on our skin will come to bear. These insults include sunlight, smoking, pollution, stress, alcohol, diet and more. They can all be addressed. Unfortunately, until future medical advances are achieved, we cannot yet effect a change in our genes, that are responsible for our intrinsic skin ageing.

So what should you be using? The answer is medical grade skin care. Prescription skin care that contains active ingredients that will improve your skin quality, reduce fine lines and protect your skin from further damage.


At Purity Bridge we have chosen the Obagi skin care range – a tried and tested results-driven skin care range with an excellent track record. There is not one size fits all, as we all have different skin types. You therefore need a careful skin assessment to determine the best type of combination of products for you. This will take into consideration the oiliness of your skin, your pigmentation, signs of rosacea, any acne (active or past), your skin thickness and more. In addition, a careful understanding of your goals and the downtime you are prepared for will be taken into consideration so the strength of the regime can be determined.

Most Obagi skin care regimes take 4-6 months for the main course, with a subsequent lower impact maintenance regime. The initial 4-6 weeks can be tough – the removal of the damaged layers of skin (“out with the old”) – which is then followed by a process of renewal (“in with the new”) and subsequently undergo a period of refreshment and restoration (“the healthy glow”). These products really do work, and have converted many a sceptic by the results they achieve! We are proud to stock and recommend Obagi products at Purity Bridge, and hope you will be as impressed as we have been.

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Purity Bridge Team