Why Open Evenings?!

You may have noticed how frequently we host open evenings at Purity Bridge – whether they are specific to certain conditions or areas (such as our mole checking event and our breast awareness event) or they are more general (such as our cosmetic surgery open evenings). You may wonder why we are so keen to host these events, when it is so accessible to see one of our specialists on a day-to-day basis.

We fully understand what a big emotional and psychological step it can be, making the leap to arrange an appointment with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. You may have been thinking about wanting to explore the options for a long time, whether it is regarding your face, breast or body. However, there is a big difference between thinking about things and making the step to make an appointment.

Open evenings are one way of bridging that gap. It is far less of a “big deal” coming to an open evening, either to hear what our experts have to say, or to have a free mini-consultation with no sense of obligation (not that you should have a sense of obligation in other circumstances!) than it is to formalise things with a full consultation.

At our open evenings, you will get an opportunity to meet the experts, get a feel for whether you are comfortable with them, hear what they have to say, and, in the case of our free mini-consultation evenings, even get a chance to “dip your toe in the water” to find out what their initial view about your situation is.

Of course, mini-consultations are no substitute for full comprehensive consultations and procedures would not be booked from them, as there is so much more to go through. However, as a first step, particularly if you are unsure, nervous or just curious, they provide an excellent chance to take.

Our next open evening is the annual BREAST AWARENESS event in aid of Breast Cancer Care UK. We have limited availability, so if you are interested, please book your place now. Simply phone 01892 536 960 or email

Purity Bridge Team