The Right Choice

Hand on belly isolated on white Purity Bridge is the leading aesthetic clinic in the South East of England.  Our team consists of Consultant Plastic Surgeons Mr Marc Pacifico, Ms Nora Nugent and Mr Chris Macdonald, alongside aesthetic physician Dr Roxy Belpassi. Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons and aesthetic physician are closely supported by Specialist Nurses,  Corrie and Mary, further supported by Emma.  Our team has a wealth of experience of providing bespoke aesthetic surgery to their patients. The care, enthusiasm and attention to detail of the whole team permeates through the clinic ensuring that the care you receive at Purity Bridge is second to none. Our Consultants have over 100 international peer-reviewed publications in the field of plastic and facial surgery, as well as numerous international lectures, presentations and book chapters in specialist publications.

The Purity Bridge Cosmetic Surgery Programme

We have developed a programme for every Cosmetic Surgery patient to guarantee a quality of care second to none. This is all included in the package price of your surgical procedure.
  • At least 2 pre-operative appointments with your Consultant.
  • A Specialist Aesthetic Nurse consultation prior to surgery, focusing on surgery practicalities and caring for yourself post surgery.
  • Close post-operative monitoring both whilst you are in hospital and once you have been discharged.
  • Open access for advice either over the telephone or in person following surgery
  • A programme of check-ups specifically designed at particular time-points based on the science of wound healing and scar maturation.
These aim to ensure that any change in advice or interventions can be instigated at exactly the right time after surgery (e.g. use of scar creams). The team at Purity Bridge will be with you throughout your cosmetic journey, offering you a personal and professional service and the highest standard of care. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any point, with any question! We encourage an open dialogue with all our patients and clients and are always keen to hear feedback as we continue to strive to deliver the best possible care.

The Purity Bridge Promise

At Purity Bridge, we understand how daunting undergoing an aesthetic treatment or surgical procedure can be. From your very first contact with the clinic, your pre operative consultations and treatment/surgery, through to your comprehensive after care programme we will ensure you are treated with respect and honesty by all members of the team and that you are professionally cared for every step of the way.

Communication is of paramount importance to us. Advised treatments will be explained to you in detail, including possible risks, adverse outcomes and possible alternative options, ensuring every decision you make is fully informed.

The Right Clinic

Using their combined experience, the Purity Bridge clinical team - the front line of Specialists, Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Specialist Aesthetic Nurses - continue to drive the clinic forward in many areas:
  • Delivering the highest possible standards of care
  • Offering tried and tested treatments - only those with proven results and an excellent safety profile
  • Offering a range of treatments that is broad, but not befuddling in its complexity
  • Offering a client experience that is second to none
This is an ever-changing field, and the team are amongst those most highly thought of in the field - they are regularly invited to lecture to colleagues, perform demonstrations of techniques and have a great deal of interest in training the next generation of specialists. This ensures they all remain at the top of their game. At Purity Bridge, you are in THE right hands at THE right clinic.