Lip Reduction

Lip Reduction

Plastic Surgeon

From £3,100* for Upper Lip and £4,350* for both lips


A surgical lip reduction will achieve a natural appearing result with no telltale signs of surgery. Harmony between upper and lower lips can be achieved, in addition to an overall reduction in both lips if desired.

Who carries out this treatment?

  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon


A lip reduction at Purity Bridge involves a local anaesthetic injection to freeze the lip or lips, much like that performed at the dentist. A planned special pattern of skin and underlying tissue is removed from the lip and carefully placed dissolvable stitches are used. The scar is planned to be hidden on the inside of the lip so it is not visible.


A lip reduction is a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic to reduce the volume of the lips. It can be performed on either the upper lip or lower lip, or both lips. It can be used to balance an asymmetry in proportions between the lips, or reduce the overall volume. In addition, it is a technique that can be used to help remove unwanted permanent filler that has previously been injected into the lips. It has been labeled the “anti-trout pout” procedure by the press.

Before and After

Lip Lift Prices

  • Single Lip £2000
  • Two Lips £3000

Some more thoughts on Lip Reduction

You should expect the lips to be swollen for 1-2 weeks after surgery, and there may initially be a small amount of blood escaping from the wound once the anaeshetic wears off.

Complications can include bleeding and infection. Rarely, the stitches can come apart opening up the wound. In all cases, should anything untoward happen, you must contact Purity Bridge urgently.

Under- or over-correction is a possibility, and should this happen, ways to rectify the situation if appropriate will be discussed with you.

We would not recommend a lip reduction if you are taking aspirin or any other blood thinners. In addition, those with active cold sores should not have surgery on their lips.

No further treatments should be required after a lip reduction, with respect to further reducing the lips.

There is normally no need to repeat a lip lift. However, further enhancement of your result may be achieved using hyaluronic acid lip filler.We suggest you stay upright to reduce the swelling, and sleep with an extra pillow or two in the early post-operative phase. It is also a good idea to have an old towel on your pillow the evening of the operation, as there may be a small amount of blood that can escape from the wound. Try not to suck or chew on the dissolvable stitches that you will be able to feel with your tongue on the inside of your lips!

It takes 1-2 weeks for the swelling to settle and at least 2-weeks until the dissolvable stitches start to disappear.

The surgery takes around 30-minutes for 1 lip, or 45 minutes for two lips.

Prices start from £2,000

Please contact the clinic for a guide price