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Facial Thread Vein Treatment

What is Thermavein spider vein treatment?

Thermavein treatment is an ingenious technique that removes thread veins (spider veins) and is particularly effective on the face. It is an excellent treatment for those troublesome and unsightly thread veins that might appear on the nose, cheeks or elsewhere on the face. Thermavein is quick and effective and inexpensive when compared with the alternative treatment of laser.

What does it involve?

The treatment takes around 15-minutes and involves a tine (hair-like) needle being inserted into each thread vein being treated. The practitioner wears high powered magnifying glasses to enable the veins to be clearly visualised. The Thermavein machine then delivers a microwave pulse that causes thermal (heat) damage to the vein, resulting in it disappearing. Once treated the same vein should not return.

What are the benefits?

Thermavein treatment can completely treat facial thread veins. Once treated, the vein should not come back (however, new veins may always arise adjacent to the treated spider vein).

It is a quick and very effective treatment that does not take much time to perform. It can also be repeated on different areas. In fact, if there are wide areas to treat, then several treatments sessions are advised.

Concerns Regarding Thermavein Treatment

No particular care is required after treatment apart from ensuring you do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight. You should ensure you apply a sunblock to the treated area if going out in the sunshine. If the area becomes mildly inflamed or crusty, some vaseline applied to the skin may be helpful.

Thermavein has an excellent track record with predictable and reliable results for thread vein treatment on the face. Occasionally further areas require treatment, but this will be explained to you if appropriate after careful clinical examination

Although Thermavein is a very safe treatment, there are some people who should avoid it:

  • Pregnant women
  • Epileptic patients
  • People who have applied fake tan (a genuine suntan is not a problem)

Once treated, that particular thread vein or skin tag will be permanently gone. However if you have developed these conditions in the past then you may well go on to develop more in the future and these new ones would require further treatment.

Prices starts from £250

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