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Tattoo Removal


There are a variety of strategies to remove unwanted tattoos. One of the most successful is surgical excision. This is particularly suited to smaller tattoos, and those on areas with a degree of loose flesh. Laser tattoo removal is not always successful, and if there is the possibility of a surgical treatment it is often more desirable. Most tattoo excision procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic.


After numbing the area with a careful injection of local anaesthetic, surgery is performed to excise the tattoo. Depending on the particular situation, the wound will then be stitched up, or else plastic surgical techniques using skin grafts or local flaps of skin can be used to close the defect.


Surgical tattoo removal has the advantage of certainty of result – there is no waiting to see how well the tattoo might fade as it is definitively excised. It also has the advantage of complete removal in one stage (unless it has been planned as a two or three stage procedure).

Other thoughts regarding Nipple And Areola Procedures

The surgery may take between 30-60minutes, depending upon the specific procedure required
After surgery, the wound will usually be dressed with surgical tape that is left on for two weeks before the wound is checked. After that, further taping might be required.
For the first two weeks after surgery, no heavy lifting or significant exercise should be undertaken. Slowly building up exercise intensity after that is recommended.
As described above, surgical tattoo removal has a high success rate due to its predictable outcomes

In any surgical procedure, problems can occur relating to infection or delayed healing - these are more likely in people who smoke.

Bleeding is seldom a significant problem but can occur. In some people, problematic scarring (keloid or hypertrophic) resulting in thickened scars may occur.

Further surgery is sometimes required for the sub-optimal result.

Prices starts from £500

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