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Scar Revision Surgery


Improving the appearance of a scar can be done with a number of surgical techniques. The best technique or combination of techniques depends on the type of scar you have and its location. Techniques include simply cutting out the scar and re-stitching it neatly, re-orientating the scar so it lies in a more discrete position, lengthening the scar to stop a tight band bridling and causing a band of tight tissue as well as using more complex plastic surgery approaches.


Depending on the size of the scar, its location and the technique chosen, operations may be done under a short local anaesthetic (with you awake) or they may need to be done with you asleep under a general anaesthetic. Furthermore, some scar revisions require more than one operation to achieve the best possible final result.


Scar revision can improve the appearance of an existing scar as well as change it so it lies in a more discrete location. Scar revision cannot make a scar disappear.

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As described above, this will depend on a variety of individual factors meaning that this can only be answered once Mr Pacifico has examined you and discussed the applicable options with you.
If the scar revision is possible under a short local anaesthetic the recovery may be as fast as a week or two, but otherwise with more complex techniques, recovery will take longer.
As this will depend on the technique used, it is best to refer to the web pages or information sheets that describe the different techniques.
Scar revision when done appropriately and with realistic expectations has good success rates. As described above, once a scar is present, it can never be made to disappear, but its quality and appearance can often be improved.
Please refer to the appropriate web pages or information sheets that describe the different techniques.

Prices starts from £500

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