What to expect from your consultation at Purity Bridge

Hand on belly isolated on white We understand that coming to see a plastic surgeon, an aesthetic physician or an aesthetic nurse for the first time can be intimidating. Whether you are coming to discuss skin care, dermal filler treatment, through to facial or breast surgery, a degree of apprehension is normal. We are very conscious of this and we will do our best to put you at ease with our personal welcome when you arrive at the clinic, our professional but warm clinician consultation and then a very open and candid discussion about potential treatment options.

To get the most out of your consultation, we recommend spending some time reading about the procedures you think you might be interested in on our website, and in the further information the clinic team will send you prior to your appointment. This will enable a more thorough and detailed discussion during your appointment, to ensure you have the best experience.

We encourage our surgical patients to confidentially upload their photographs via a secure link (that will be sent to you on booking your appointment) so your consultant has a good understanding of what it might be you are trying to achieve before your actual appointment. In some circumstances, an initial video consultation might be suggested, particularly if you leave some distance away.
Our in-person consultations provide the opportunity for your consultant to really understand your concerns, and what you are hoping to achieve. It will also entail a careful clinical examination to then help structure and formulate a treatment plan. The discussion about any procedure will always include time spent on the pros and cons of that procedure, as well as the risks associated with it.
Following your consultation, depending on what it might be in relation to, we will frequently send you further information to read (and some videos to watch), to help act as both an aide memoire, and also to help you reflect on the consultation and your decision making process.
For aesthetic surgical procedures, we normally organise two consultations – the second providing an opportunity to discuss any further questions, details and also to allow review of the proposed treatment plan. Clinical photographs are often taken at this consultation, as well as the consent forms being sent to you. Booking of your surgical procedure is often done around the time of your second consultation.