The Pearl Fractional Laser

Aablative laser, skin resurfacing laser

Plastic Surgeons

Upper lip £650, Around mouth £1000, Full face around £4,200

We are thrilled to be able to offer the very latest state of the art LASER skin resurfacing treatment at Purity Bridge – the Pearl Fractional LASER. This is an ablative surgical LASER designed to resurface the facial skin, softening wrinkles and improving skin quality. It is a procedure undertaken by our Consultant Plastic Surgeons under local anaesthetic aiming to also tackle issues with large pores, pigmentation irregularities and fine lines.

What is the Pearl Fractional LASER?

There are a multitude of techniques to rejuvenate and resurface the skin, of which LASERs are the most sophisticated. Most LASERs require several treatments to achieve the final desire result, but using the Pearl Fractional LASER, the result is normally achieved in one treatment. The Pearl Fractional LASER is designed to smooth out wrinkles and improve skin quality. It can address skin texture, reduce pore size, even out pigment spots and help treat sun damage.

Who carries out this treatment?

  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Mary Chettiar Consultant Plastic Surgeon

What does LASER treatment involve?

The Pearl Fractional LASER is a treatment that is performed under local anaesthetic, with you awake. The anaesthetic is given in the form of a cream, which takes around an hour to work. Sometimes numbing injections around the mouth are also given, much like at the dentist. The treatment is not started until the treatment areas are numb. The Consultant Plastic Surgeon treating you will then ensure you are wearing appropriate goggles to protect your eyes, and will activate the laser, moving it systematically over your skin to evenly treat you. Sometimes further passes of the LASER are performed to treat deeper wrinkles.

What are the benefits?

The Pear Fractional LASER can achieve in one treatment what most other LASERs achieve over several treatments, therefore serving as a “one stop shop” for skin rejuvenation. The results are usually visible at one week after treatment; with maximum results being seen in one to three months. Treatment options are divided into several categories: 1. Upper lip only – ideal for “smokers lines” 2. Around the mouth (peri-oral) – this can help rejuvenate the area around the mouth that can develop deep wrinkles due to the thicker skin type here 3. Full Face – the most comprehensive treatment, with the whole face being treated 4. Fusion facial treatment – this combines the fractional treatment (the deeper treatment) around the mouth, with the Pearl (slightly gentler treatment) around the edges of the treatment area, and extending around other parts of the face. This is particularly useful for blending in treatments to soften the change in skin texture changes – so that one fresh rejuvenated area does not sit immediately next to an untreated area

What is the recovery period?

The time it takes to recover depends on the depth of treatment. For most people it takes around a week, but can be shorter if you have had a lighter treatment.

How can I prepare for the treatment?

After a careful clinical assessment, if you are a suitable candidate, you will be prescribed a course of skin treatments. These are designed to exfoliate the top layers of skin, which enables the laser to give maximal results. It is better not to have a suntan before treatment, and certainly have no sunburn.

What should I do after the treatment?

After the treatment Vaseline should be placed on the treated area regularly, to ensure it is moist – this will help with the healing. You should avoid direct sunlight. Normally, we allow people to apply make-up two weeks after the deeper treatments, but around one week after a light treatment.

What are the possible complications?

Pearl Fractional LASER is a safe procedure when performed carefully by an experienced practitioner. However, like with any medical treatment, side effects and complications can occur. The main concerns are alterations in skin pigment, which can be more associated with deeper treatments. Scarring is rarely seen, but again, it has a higher likelihood with deeper treatments. Your Consultant Plastic Surgeon will discuss the risks with you in person.

Infection is possible, and antibiotics are usually prescribed for the immediate post-treatment period. If you have had a cold sore in the past, it is important to mention this, as the virus can be reactivated. In this case, treatment with an antiviral medicine is important after the treatment.

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Pearl Fractional Laser Prices

  • Pearl + fractional fusion from £3500
  • Pearl + fractional fusion from £1500