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Cosmetic Surgery at Purity Bridge

Our clinic has recently moved in to a new state of the art premises at 19 Mount Ephraim.   We asked Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nora Nugent about cosmetic surgery at the new Purity Bridge clinic.

How have you found working in our new clinic?

It is wonderful to work in a specialised clinic that has been created and designed specifically for plastic surgery and aesthetics.  We have been able to streamline how we provide our service and develop it further in to a comprehensive aesthetic clinic that can provide specialist consultations, aesthetic treatments and ‘wide-awake’ or local anaesthetic cosmetic surgery for our patients.  The new clinic facilities have allowed us to expand the range of aesthetic procedures that we can now provide in the clinic.

What types of cosmetic surgery do you offer under local anaesthetic at Purity Bridge?

I offer mini and medium facelifts such as the MACS lift as well as eyelid lifts and lip lifts for facial rejuvenation.  These surgeries can really refresh and restore facial appearance and achieve a very natural result!  Prominent ear reshaping, both otoplasty and the new minimally technique of earFold®, is available at the clinic too.  It is lovely to see the difference this makes to my patients and very rewarding.

We can perform breast and body contouring procedures at the clinic as well, such as corrective nipple procedures, short scar arm lifts, mini-tummy tucks, labiaplasties, bellybutton reshaping and more!

What other treatments do you do at Purity Bridge?

As well as surgery, I see patients for non-surgical treatments such as wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers and skin care.

What are the highlights of working at Purity Bridge?

Seeing the difference that we can make for our patients especially in restoring their confidence!  It is also fantastic to work with a highly motivated and skilled team in the clinic who are passionate about patient care and the patient journey at the clinic.

How would you advise someone considering having cosmetic surgery?

Come and see us at the clinic!  I will always go over all your options and guide you towards the best decision for your individual situation.  If you are not ready to take this step yet, we hold a number of informal information evenings at the clinic throughout the year.  Places are complimentary and you will have a chance to learn more about cosmetic surgery and ask any questions that you may have.

What do Nora’s patients say about their surgery with her at Purity Bridge?

Overall experience: Excellent.  “Everyone I spoke to or saw was lovely & efficient – Claire, Nora and the nurse on the day of the procedure were great, kind and patient.”

“Excellent. Wonderful, thorough & I’m extremely happy”

“I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of all those involved.”

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