The batman lip lift – a longer lasting alternative to lip filler

We are seeing a surge in interest in the upper lip lift, a niche procedure our Consultant Plastic Surgeons offer at Purity Bridge, which many other plastic surgeons are actually not familiar with. The lip lift is a clinic-based local anaesthetic procedure that takes around an hour, and involves the removal of a carefully pre-planned pattern of skin from just below the nose. The pattern often resembles the horns of a bull (or the moustache of Hercule Poirot!), hence it often being referred to as the bullhorn lip lift. However, at Purity Bridge, it has become known as the Batman Lip Lift, after a suggestion by a patient seeing the lip lift markings!

On the whole, we see two main groups of patients who are particularly interested in this. The first group are those in the mid-40s and above, who are starting to notice the ageing changes in their face. Interestingly, as we age, our pink lip starts to thin and invert, and the distance between the bottom of our nose and our mouth increases. Whilst subtle, this actually has a very ageing effect. A youthful face tends to have fuller lips and a shorter nose-mouth distance. The lip lift can therefore reduce the distance between the nose and mouth, it also elevates and turns out the pink lip, to improve the shape and fullness.

The second group of patients we see are a younger age group (often in their 20s) who have similar features naturally (thin upper lips with a relatively long nose-mouth distance for their face). Sometimes they also complain of lack of teeth show on smiling.

We never undertake surgery lightly, and we usually recommend trying to improve their facial aesthetics with lip fillers initially. However, many of these patients have already tried filler a number of times before seeking out a lip lift, and inevitably they have found the results of filler disappointing in their case.

In this scenario, our Purity Bridge Batman Lip Lift can really be a viable and longer lasting alternative to filler. It is not for everyone, but for those who are judged good candidates by our Consultant Plastic Surgeons, it can provide excellent results.

For more information, please get in touch at or phone 01892 536 960. Personal patient diaries on the experience of having a lip lift can be found in our blog.

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Purity Bridge Team