Enhancing your recovery at Purity Bridge

We are ever-conscious of ensuring a speedy recovery after any plastic surgery procedure, particularly as we all have busy lives. There is never a convenient time to have a plastic surgery operation – it is more about thinking of the least inconvenient time!

Bearing this in mind, at Purity Bridge, we have specifically designed each stage of the operative journey to ensure your recovery is as enhanced as possible. This starts before surgery, ensuring you are as knowledgeable as possible by means of a thorough consultation process, in-depth written information being provided, and a careful consent process.

Surgery is performed as meticulously as possible, and wounds are dressed in a way designed to support good scar formation and wound healing. The specific time points for post-operative visits are designed around the science of wound healing and the body’s response to surgery. Typically you are seen weekly – initially by the highly trained nursing staff, and you will then see your Consultant Plastic Surgeons. Each visit will involve careful inspection of the surgical site, a check on how you are recovering, and advice regarding what best to do next to continue your recovery.

Scar care advice and intervention is offered, as well how best to achieve long term results. Depending on the procedure this may involve exercise (such as Pilates after tummy tucks) or non-surgical interventions (after facelifts) – after all, nothing is permanent, and frustratingly ageing, gravity and reduction in skin quality are all inevitable over time.

Of course, it is important that our patients follow our recovery post-operative guidelines – not doing so might be something they regret. It is crucial not to overdo it, and start exercising before we recommend, don’t smoke around the time of surgery and give yourself a chance to recover too!

We are continually striving to improve our patient experience, particularly in the vulnerable post-surgery phase, and want to ensure everyone who sees our highly skilled Consultant Plastic Surgeons recovers as well as possible!

Purity Bridge Team