Feeling worn down this Father’s Day? How about some “Brotox” to freshen your appearance?

Before and after male eyebrow and eyelid lift by Marc Pacifico
At Purity Bridge we are continuing to see an ever-increasing number of men pop in to visit our experts for advice and consultations. Their concerns are no different to that of many of our female clients, however there are some subtle but important differences between how we approach men…

Fine lines and wrinkles – 30s and 40s
It is often said that men seem to fare much better when it comes to early facial ageing than women – probably due to their thicker and hairier skin. However, nowadays, men are becoming noticeably more self-conscious about the development of fine lines and wrinkles –the clearest signs of early ageing, and also due to the stress and strain of busy lives. Botulinum toxin for men, normally referred to as Botox®, but in this context, “Brotox”, is becoming ever more popular, providing subtle wrinkle-relaxing results that freshen up the appearance and revitalise the face.

We are seeing more men who want to remain competitive in a job market where they are up against younger colleagues who have the natural freshness of youth on their side. Some Brotox can work wonders and give the confidence boost to know that they are perhaps not looking as tired on the outside as they may be feeling on the inside!

Early jowling and sagging – 40s and 50s
The second change we notice in men when the ageing process develops is a looseness to their jawline and the development of the dreaded jowls! We have had fantastic natural results using the latest techniques in fillers – the so-called “liquid facelift” or 8-point lift. Capitalising on the different properties of the Allergan Vycross® range of fillers, we can place fillers to restore lost volume in the cheeks, redefine the jawline and fill in heavy lines or folds that have developed. The results are subtle, fresh and invigorating – you won’t see any “pillow faces” at Purity Bridge!

In addition, 40-50 year’s worth of sun damage starts to leave its mark in the form of pigment patches, thinning skin and fine lines. We are seeing an increasing number of men choose to undergo a course of facial chemical peels that stimulates collagen growth, revitalising the skin. A very good alternative for those whose schedule doesn’t allow them to visit the clinic frequently is using medical grade skin care, which can be applied at home.

Later changes – 60s and 70s
We will all get to the point that the non-surgical approaches have done all they can, and it is time to turn to the expertise of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons. Once men reach their 60s and 70s, we are in the realm of facelifts, brow lifts and eyelid lifts. Again, if performed well, these can be really transformational – not so much with regard to changing the appearance, but more along the lines of freshening, brightening and restoring a more youthful glow.
Before and after male facelift by Marc Pacifico 2
Whichever route is taken, at Purity Bridge, the best feedback we enjoy hearing is our patients telling us how many compliments they’ve been receiving due to how well they look. The one thing we don’t hear is the dreaded “what have you had done?!”. So, if you were wondering what to suggest for father’s day, or what could be done to subtly refresh your opinion, come down to Purity Bridge for a consultation with one of our experts.

NB – top image is of a male patient of ours who has had a brow lift and upper eyelid lift. The lower image is of a patient before and after a facelift, as is the one below

Before and after male facelift by Marc Pacifico

Purity Bridge Team