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Liposuction loves Love-handles …wide awake!

We are continually impressed with the results we are achieving with local anaesthetic surgery in the clinic. An increasing amount of this is related to body contouring surgery, and demand is growing since the word is out that so much can be done without needing to go to hospital.

For example, our Consultant Plastic Surgeons regularly perform wide-awake liposuction. They have used this to contour waists, tummies, thighs, arms, and even knees! With carefully and gently administered local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort, the procedure is undertaken with the added advantage of our patients being able to move into different positions (which of course is more challenging if they are asleep!) – on occasion, they even stand up for the final “touch up” parts of the procedure.

We can also perform fat grafting, where the fat removed using liposuction is processed and carefully re-injected elsewhere in the body or face to improve contours. This may be into the cheeks to restore lost volume, the backs of hands for rejuvenation, or to help improve the appearance of some types of scars.

Other body contouring procedures we can undertake include mini-tummy tucks and mini-arm lifts. Of course, to get the best results, our expert surgeons need to determine the appropriate procedure for the individual patient, so the consultation process is as vitally important as it is for any other plastic surgery procedure.

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24, January, 2018Purity Bridge Team

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