New Year, New You!

January has come around again and after the indulgences of the Christmas festivities, it is now time for our New Year resolutions to kick in! We would always advocate a healthy diet and regular exercise as the best approach to body contouring and to maintaining a healthy weight. But sometimes there are areas of stubborn fat that just don’t go with exercise or maybe you have loose or overhanging skin after weight loss or pregnancy?  This is where our plastic surgeons at Purity Bridge can offer their expert opinions and skills.

Body contouring surgery is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of surgeries for many areas of the body! The best known procedures are probably liposuction and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) but did you know that we can do many other body contouring procedures too? Arm, thigh, body, back, buttock, neck and face lifts are just some of the lift surgeries that our plastic surgeons regularly perform.

Liposuction is excellent at reducing stubborn areas of fat under the skin e.g. over the hips or tummy. It is done through tiny incisions that heal very discretely and gives long lasting results. Small areas of high definition liposuction can even be done under local anaesthesia in our clinic procedure room.

When the skin has been over stretched or is loose or overhanging, it often reaches a point where no amount of exercise will tighten it back fully. Then a “lift” procedure is better than liposuction e.g. a tummy tuck or an arm lift. This tightens the loose skin to reshape your body and removes any extra skin. In a tummy tuck, the underlying “6-pack” muscles are also tightened to give an even flatter tummy! Often a combination of liposuction with a tummy tuck or an arm or thigh lift will give the best result as they work very well together. Again “mini-lifts” e.g. a mini arm lift or a mini tummy tuck can be done under local anaesthesia in the Purity Bridge clinic.




Before and After a Tummy Tuck Procedure

For full or double chins, we are now able to offer the Strawberry Laser™ as an alternative to surgery! Over a course of four treatments, a focused ultrasound treatment and a specialised laser work on reducing fat and tightening skin for a more contoured appearance to your neck.

Here at Purity Bridge, we always listen to your concerns and goals before we discuss a treatment plan with you. Our treatments are tailored to your situation and bespoke to you! If you are interested in body contouring surgery, we would be delighted to see you for a consultation.

Purity Bridge Team