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What is it really like to have a skin peel?


Here at Purity Bridge, we like to “trial” our products and treatments to ensure we fully understand our patients’ experience every step of the way.  This month, we are highlighting our latest range of TCA skin peels – a superb non-surgical “lunchtime” treatment to improve skin quality, reduce fine lines and mask pigment spots.

Mariana, our clinic coordinator underwent a peel, given by Specialist Aesthetic Nurse, Mary. We asked her about her experience:

PB: What treatment did you trial?

MB: One of Purity Bridge’s signature TCA peels.   My skin is sun damaged, giving it an uneven skin tone.

PB: How long did it take?

MB: about 20-30mins, which was more of a pampering session as the nurse talked me through it all the way.

PB: What was the experience like?

MB: I expected it to be hot and painful, but was actually not that bad – a bit like sunburn temporarily

PB: Did anything take the pain away?

MB: There was no pain, a bit of a burn, but the post- peel cream applied straight after the peel, took burning sensation away in seconds.

PB: Did you peel a lot?

MB: On the first day it felt tingly and irritated, but I did not peel then. My skin only felt tight.  On the 2nd day, I looked in the mirror and I felt I was looking “old” as some new wrinkles had developed!   With my first smile these soon cracked and started to peel.

PB: What was the peeling like?

MB: It was manageable – after my morning facial wash, I applied the recommended sunscreen and post peel cream and I was ready for a day in the office.   The dry patches were hardly visible.

PB: How long has it been since your peel now?

MB: About a week and I am excited to say that there is a clear improvement on the dark sunspots.

PB: How is it now?

MB:  I still have a few small patches peeling, but my skin is already feeling much healthier.   I’m ready for my 2nd peel.

PB: What has been your feedback from patients and others who have had peels?

MB: I have seen patients who have had the full course and have had a remarkable change from a rough skin to a smooth rosy soft skin, so I was really ready to try it myself.

PB: Will it be worth it?

MB: Definitely!  The first peel has left me amazed and eager to see the final result.

PB: Any final thoughts?

MB: I am a person who prefers not to wear much make-up.  I am really looking forward to my skin getting to a stage where I don’t need to cover up at all.


For more information about Purity Bridge’s facial peels, please get in touch on 01892 536 960, or email


09, February, 2017Purity Bridge Team

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