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DAY Surgery at Purity Bridge

It is truly amazing how advances in local anaesthetic techniques have transformed the opportunities in the world of plastic surgery. Procedures that would only have been performed in the hospital until recently can now be performed in the clinic, and overnight stays have been changed into day case clinic procedures.  Wide awake surgery is now what we aim to undertake whenever possible and appropriate.

So what can be done in the Purity Bridge operating theatre?

Our Purity Bridge Wide Awake facelift is particularly suited to those in their 40s to late 50s, and primarily focusses on tightening the jawline and addressing the jowls. It has proven increasingly popular, with less downtime than some other face and neck lift surgeries performed. We also regularly perform eyelid lifts to  refresh and brighten the eyes, and lip lifts to improve facial balance and harmony.  These surgeries can really refresh the facial appearance achieving very natural results.  Prominent ear reshaping, both with surgical otoplasty and the new minimally invasive technique of earFold®, is available at the clinic too.

Breast and body contouring procedures are also carried out at the clinic, from corrective nipple procedures to short scar arm lifts, mini-tummy tucks, labiaplasties, bellybutton reshaping and more!

Louise, who recently underwent a local anaesthetic Purity Bridge facelift, explained: “it took the fear of going into hospital away, and I was totally comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure”. She goes on to say, “I am delighted with the results, and am recommending it to all my friends!”

To find out more, please come and see us at the clinic.  Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons will always go over all your options and guide you towards the best decision for your individual situation. Alternatively, email us on or phone on 01892 536960

06, August, 2018Purity Bridge Team

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