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At Purity Bridge, there is a variety of opinions about the forthcoming FIFA World Cup – from responses such as “what World Cup?” through to the “I can’t wait!” But one thing’s for certain, we will not be able to avoid it once it starts…certainly for as long as England remain in the competition!

So, to try to get into the spirit of things, we surveyed the Purity Bridge team to try to work out what procedure they would support if we had a world cup of treatments in the clinic. This is who backed what, and why…

Marc – I would have Thermavein to get rid of some of the spider veins I have on my cheek

Nora – an upper eyelid lift, to brighten and freshen my eyes

Brent – The Pearl Fractional Laser – for the amazing results it can achieve in removing fine lines and wrinkles

Roxy – a facial peel – I love how much they improve the look and feel of my skin

Mary – local anaesthetic liposuction, to get ready for the summer holidays!

Janis – I would have medical grade skin care to even out my skin tone

Kate – I would have some facial peels to rejuvenate my skin

Rebekah – tear trough filler, to make me look more radiant

Sarona – a mini-tummy tuck under local anaesthetic, to deal with that annoying extra after baby skin!

Sue – a lower blepharoplasty under local anaesthetic, to get rid of my bags

Chloe – A lip lift, because they get such lovely results and can be done in no time at all.

Louise – I would go for anti-wrinkle injections, to get rid of that frown due to all my concentration.

Claire – I would have a local anaesthetic facelift, because they have such a quick recovery

Katie – I would like to have an earFold procedure, so that I can wear my hair up without feeling self-conscious

Karen – I would have a facial peel, because of the little downtime and quick results

So what to do with this? Throughout June, we will be monitoring all the procedures above, and declaring the winner to be the most popular treatment of the month! Watch this space – to be continued!

31, May, 2018Purity Bridge Team

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